Look up (and witness an ISS flyby)

Unfortunately, Heavens Above, our provider of ISS flyby predictions, is receiving too many requests to handle our (and others') requests and blocking this service. We are looking into providing a solution.

Ever wanted to watch the International Space Station fly through the night sky over your own house? Keep your calendar up to date with upcoming visible flybys, in two simple steps.

1. Pinpoint your location

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2. Get ISS flyby predictions

The following links automagically provide flyby predictions for your location.

View upcoming ISS flybys

Besides many other satellites, heavens-above.com allows you to view a list of visible flybys of the International Space Station, along with lots of supporting information.

Download a calendar of flybys

After downloading this iCalendar file, load it into your calendar software (iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook, ...) and you will have a list of the upcoming ISS flybys in the next 10 days. (View options)

Subscribe with your calendar software

Subscribe (with your calendar software) by clicking the above link and be automatically updated about future flybys of the International Space Station. (Learn how to subscribe)

Concept and realisation by Anthony Liekens - Flyby data by Heavens Above - Mapping by Google Maps - Weather data by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute - Geolocation by Geonames